Yeah, so.

Main splash page gets hacked within a week of Katrina.

( )

Now it points to yahoo.

Bleh. I haven’t had time to fix it.

Main site goes down.

Blog goes down.

I don’t have intarwebs.


Still don’t, but I got fed up with seeing a dead site. So i borrowed somne intarwebs, and fixed it.



Katrina sucked, people here were cool for a while, but now they’re back to their normal, irritable selves. Katrina still sucks. The gulf coast is getting back to normal, slowly.

Mumon is still a windbag 😀

(But we love him anyway…)

But, most importantly…

I’m now officially engaged!

Envy, all of you.

I have the coolest soon-to-be-wife ever.

Yesh, I do.

So, anyway. Post something else soon. I have to get up in like 6 hours, and I’m very tired. I worked 10 1/2 hours today, but it’s all good. Putting the coast back together takes work, you know?

Thank you for the prayers, emails, and etc. They were/are appreciated.

I’m still wading through several thousands of emails I received while I was out, so forgive any tardiness in replying. I have to separate the 2/3 spam out of it (AFTER my spam filter works on some of it).

See you soon.

~ RK