Mr. DawnTreader discusses – “No More Einsteins?

Interesting read, and interesting comments.

Challies de-memes a meme, with “When I Grow Up…”

Incidentally… I want to be Tim when I grow up! (Dude, he’s 2 years older than me. This knowledge depresses me, as he runs his own web design company – and I don’t :D)

Also incidentally – this quote is me, to a T. (Although I have done a few memes just for boredom’s sake.)

I don’t do memes. I have not (to my recollection) done a single one of them since the dawn of this site. I have often been tagged to do them but have always resisted because, quite frankly, I don’t care what character I most resemble, but it a character from Lord of the Rings, Narnia, or Napoleon Dynamite. I also don’t really care to know what theological system I most clearly adhere to, what type of flower I would be (if I were a flower), and, well, you get the idea.

Heh. Great post 😀

Folks – I don’t know about you. I really don’t. If this, however, isn’t the most brilliant husband-wife conversation you’ve ever heard… I’ll eat my hat. It’s red, has a bright white University of Arizona A on it, and has been freshly washed.

I doubt I’ll need to break out the ketchup, though. I mean, really… that’s cool stuff.

Oh, and from Gratitude and Hoopla? “Christians, we are not God-experts“.

I’m telling you – this hit home.

From Red Skelton to Jonah. Laughing, from Job’s Tale.

This blog is very, very good – and the writer, like Job himself, has a trove of wisdom he’s gleaned from the hard knocks of life.

Another blog I suggest is This is Not for You, by the ever-poetic Matthew. He can turn a phrase like noone else I know – and sound Edwardian while doing it.

That’s the Daily Cut for today. Enjoy.

(and it was shorter, Milton! 😛 hehe.)