Alright – here’s the deal.

Those of you who have submitted Vox posts in the past: You’re about to get an email. Every requested member of the Aggregator (ie: those of you who asked to join, instead of me just adding you) – you’re also about to get an email.

I’m going to explain how it works, and what I need.

Also, I’m going to ask a few bloggers from the skeptic side of the fence to submit some questions for us to answer, to the best of our abilities. They’ll be screened, but I’ll put them all somewhere to pick from, and look at.

Vox Symposium: Monthly essay/post compendium, topical (like before, but monthly) – Will stay on the Vox Apologia site.

Vox Apologia: Weekly apologetic response to questions from the skeptics. Will move from blog to blog, as we originally did it.


I’m revamping the Aggregator into something more manageable, and more representative.

There will be Aggregator 1, which contains all of the hobbyist apologists that are currently on the Aggregator.

There will be Aggregator 2, which will contain the feeds from the major apologetics organizations, including some already on the Aggregator.

There will be Aggregator 3, which will contain feeds from any other apologist I run into.

I’m also in the process of setting up our own aggregator on the Vox Apologia server, to handle the member blogs’ post feeds.


I’m asking for volunteers who will help me. I know, I slacked off big time. I’m back now, though – and I’m ready to kickstart Vox back to where it was – and onward.

Like I said, expect an email.