1. Vox Weekly was unavoidably detained! It should be posted later on tonight, 3/7, over at CADRE. I have to admit something, though – the original question DarkSyde posed was not changed, per his request, until a few days ago – I put up the initial draft of his question, and forgot to change it when he asked me to 🙁

So, the amended question is now up, below the original, with my apologies, on the Vox Questions page.

2. Vox XXI will be postponed until March 25th, just so we have a bit more lead time.

3. Vox Weekly 2 will skip a week, because I got sidetracked by some other obligations, and haven’t got anything up on it – and it’s a week away. I’ve learned that this sort of thing *requires* lead time – especially for custom topic issues. The next post date will be March 20th.

4. We need volunteers – I have no hosts lined up for the next editions of weekly, and I’d like to see this be a migratory effort, like a carnival.

5. I’m going to try and take care of the javascript to display Vox info on your sites, and get as many bugs worked out as possible tonight. Also, I’m going to try to get a script running to display the latest posts from all three sections of aggregated posts.