No entries for the Symposium, and only one for Weekly, from codepoke.

I’ll have the next Symposium topic up soon – but I’m thinking about doing something else for Weekly. The first two went fine, but I’m thinking we need more lead time again. Perhaps every two weeks? Or, I need to pick a few posts in a row for us to respond to, while we drum up some submissions.

I honestly don’t know. Something has to happen.

God Or Not was canceled, as well, with a biting comment at Evangelical Atheist.

wo weeks ago, GOD or NOT 10 was cancelled because there were no theist submissions. Tomorrow’s edition, which was to be hosted at Buridan’s Ass, is also cancelled. Once again, the theist bloggers have shown no interest in participating; not a single believer submitted work.
It’s over. The grand experiment has failed, and I’m bringing the carnival to a close. I want to thank everyone who hosted and participated, particularly LBBP, Chad and Cadmus.

Failure is acceptable if you learn from it, so what have I learned from this experience?

1. Some theists (and theasts) are willing to exchange ideas about the existence and nature of gods in an open, intellectual forum.
2. The vast majority is not.

I don’t agree, obviously – I just think that a lack of promotion is what brings endeavors like this to their knees. I’m guilty of this, myself – but I need some ideas, folks. I’m short on time of late, which is why I went to a “carnival” style hosting.

How do we get this moving?

I want Vox to be a regular staple. I wish I had the time to do the promotion right, but I’m oh, so short on time right now.

What shall we do?