See, I’m doing this game project. The great and powerful Fringespace. I love it, I really do. I’m just getting sort of frustrated with the process right now. We supposedly have this really big team, and all of that… but only a few of us are doing anything. I can live with that, I suppose – but it makes getting the gumption up for doing something on it hard, sometimes. Especially when I could be doing apologetics! As you probably know, I hang out in several chat channels – I average 7-8, on a normal day. I hang out in James White’s #prosapologian and , on Starlink IRC – on Undernet, #hard-light and #fringespace, on EsperNet, #btrl on another server, and #gamedev, on another.

I get to engage in some awesome apologetic discussions on starlink and undernet, constantly – and that is just so much mroe fulfilling than working on a game, most times. Although, really, I want to get this game done. I’m torn, and I’m a bit guilty that I’ve neglected the game – but I can’t stay guilty, because I’m doing something very profitable!

What’s a gamer/apologist to do? I’m going to keep working, but it’s hard to stay focused when there could be an awesome conversation about the deep things of God going on, and I know I’m missing it. I also feel guilty for neglecting my baby here, this blog, for that game – but it’s a very rewarding project, too. I’m just going to have to divide my time up wisely, so that I am doing everything I can, with the gifts I’ve been given. I know I’m good at this – and I want to show that Christians can do things like this as well as anyone can – but I don’t want to neglect God by doing so.

Hence, my ennui.