Still not too exciting where I’m sitting. Not that I need it to be especially exciting, mind. We had that one little squall earlier, but it’s been breezy, with occasional gusts to 20-25. It’s drizzled off and on all evening, but nothing really hard since that squall. Still watching, still hanging out and keeping an eye on it.

I realized about 5:30 that I hadn’t taken down the broken antenna that was hanging there from Katrina, still. Lazy, I guess. So, I got up on the roof, disconnected it, and dropped it. Woohoo. Yeah, so. I’ll keep you posted, if anything happens. Still looks to be a ways away, because the leading edges I thought were headed at us just dropped away. From the radar, it looks like the coast is starting to get the outer bands again, but it’s hard to tell. I’ll check back in a bit.

We’re starting to experience the leading edges of the outer bands. We had winds of what looked to be 30mph, with gusts of 45-50mph for a 30 minute period. It’s only drizzling now, but we have plenty of rain and wind to look forward to 😀

Not too much to report thus far. Gustav is still out in the Gulf, weakened a little bit, and projected to hit just west of NOLA.

I’ll drop a few updates throughout the day.

There’s still quite a few people around – I’m on a decent-sized intersection, and there’s quite a bit of traffic still going by. Lighter than usual, though. Evacuations ARE going at a decent pace thus far, however, and most of the traffic is going East and North from where I’m at.

Just for future reference: I’m 8 miles north of the beach, in Gulfport, Mississippi, in the Lyman area. We’ll see as the day progresses.