Lately I’ve found myself more and more uncomfortable with certain practices in, at least, our SBC church. Which ones, you ask?

1) Raising hands.

2) Revivals.

3) Altar calls.

4) Applause after “special music.”

5) Children’s Church.

6) Skits or drama in worship services.

Now, before you get annoyed about this, let’s examine something. Baptists, as a rule, have subscribed to something called the “Regulative Principle of Worship”. What this principle posits is that only those things which have scriptural models are allowable in Christian worship. When you don’t have a Scriptural model for something – what, then, is your model? In other words – are we believers in Sola Scriptura, or are we not?

I’m thinking about doing a short series on what the regulative principle seems to say in regards to the above practices, and to see if they can accord with Scripture – for my own benefit, as much as that of others. As I have time to do so, I will. In the meantime, what do you think?