Last evening a brother pointed me to a comment by Emir Caner posted on Twitter back on the 12th of May. I have included it in the graphic so as to document that it is clearly from Emir Caner, and also to note his re-tweeting of Hussein Wario’s article “Desperate Muslims and Ignoramus Christians” as well. This demonstrates Emir Caner is in touch with Hussein Wario.

James White

HusseinWario: @emircaner Have you seen this? Were you in touch with me? I am speechless. Lord have mercy!!!
HusseinWario: @RazorsKiss Have you seen this? What do you think of it? The part about me is all speculation (also tweeted to several others, including @hereiblog) as is his habit)
RazorsKiss: @HusseinWario Yes. As you typically do, you tweeted your opinion to Dr. Caner, who seems to have mis-cited both you and the source.

Conversation with @hereiblog:
hereiblog: @HusseinWario ALL speculation? Sir, I’m afraid I don’t see it. I’m also afraid our communication on this will only be hindered by twitter.
HusseinWario: @hereiblog I was never in touch with @emircaner when I wrote my article and for James White to claim that just based on a retwt is absurd.
HusseinWario: @hereiblog @emircaner was not following me.
hereiblog: @HusseinWario So you’re not willing to give @droakley1689 the benefit of the doubt of what he means by “in touch with”?
HusseinWario: @hereiblog I don’t know if someone proofreads @droakley1689 articles. That sentence destroys his whole argument.
heriblog: @HusseinWario If one sentence destroys the whole article what do years of numerous “misstatements” by @erguncaner destroy?
Hussein: @hereiblog I give him the benefit of the doubt that he is not out to hurt people.
hereiblog: @HusseinWario If you don’t give him the benefit of doubt aren’t you doing what you accuse him of?
HusseinWario: @hereiblog That is a good question.
HusseinWario: @hereiblog There are no sacred cows @droakley1689 @erguncaner @emircaner Christians bickering in public needs to stop. Not a good witness.

Conversation picks up with me.
HusseinWario: @RazorsKiss And I tweeted my opinion to you because it is what it.
RazorsKiss: @HusseinWario Okay. I was just saying that you contacted Dr. Caner about that issue – so you two were “in contact” – as we are now.
HusseinWario: @RazorsKiss The question is, was I in contact with @emircaner as @droakley1689 alleges in his article? I hope you know the answer to that.

Apparently, the problem seems to be that he has a different definition for “in contact” than everyone else is using. Retweeting is not contact, it seems. Nor is reading his blog “contact”. Nor is Hussein contacting Emir actually “contact”. (Or being ‘in touch’, as the article states) Obviously, he knows what “in touch” means – “a coming into or being in contact”. As Hussein contacted Dr. Emir Caner, they were thus “in contact”. They were “in touch”. The content of Emir’s following tweet clearly shows that he read Hussein’s blog – as did the retweeting of that url. Once again – in contact. Once again, Hussein “contacts” Emir to let him know about Dr. White’s latest post.

Now, unless being “in touch” has a special modifier that I didn’t see in the article’s context, Hussein has been “in touch” with Emir. Emir was “in touch” with Hussein – by retweeting his blog entry url, reading it, and responding to the content of that blog entry.

Honestly? Words have meaning. Don’t try to play with them, and don’t try to artificially insert an acontextual reading of them. You contacted Emir. He read your blog, retweeted it, and responded to what you drew his attention to. You were “in touch”. Exactly how you and I were “in touch” today, and previously. While it sounds pious to state that we shouldn’t “bicker” in public – doing exactly that while saying we shouldn’t is, as I mentioned in my last posts on this topic, inconsistent. Inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument.