This is a response to this comment. I don’t like cluttering my comments with massive post-length tomes, so here is my response – I quoted his comment in the post.

Thank you for selectively quoting me.
My pleasure. if I had exhaustively quoted your twitter account, it would have flooded the buffer out with promotional tweets. This isn’t a “weigh the good against the bad” contest. That’s Islam, not Christianity. The scales, right? Christianity teaches that a teacher must be “above reproach”, Hussein (1 Tim 3:2). I pointed out what I saw that was wrong, and what was hindering you in that regard. If you don’t like it, then I suggest you stop engaging in that behavior. In any case, please tell me how your discussion was “above reproach”?

By the way, I rebuked Diana for her criticism of Dr. James White.

Well, I don’t think that makes things any better, especially since you left the comments in place. But as we’ll see, you didn’t say a word about the venom in her comments concerning Dr. White’s family and character.

That’s a copout of colossal magnitude. In fact, Hussein, it’s reprehensible.

For some reason you selectively picked the tweets and left out the most important one.

As for selectively picking – of course I do. I’m not going to post hundreds of tweets. The ones pertinent, I posted. I actually didn’t see that one – but let’s see how much good that three-word tweet did. Shall we? (By the by – that’s it? That’s all you could say for the mountains of abuse she’s dished out thus far?)

As for “she repented” – let’s take a little look.

drpenn: Integrity: Steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code. @droakley1689 has none. 11:31 AM May 17th via web
HusseinWario: @drpenn Tone it down. 11:36 AM May 17th via web in reply to drpenn
drpenn: @HusseinWario NO. You know – James White blogs, blogs, blogs – throwing his fits – and he can get away with it??!!! bull. 11:37 AM May 17th via web in reply to HusseinWario
drpenn: @HusseinWario If he can cry foul – and @emircaner and @erguncaner remain silent!? I’m sick of James White & his arrogance. 11:38 AM May 17th via web in reply to HusseinWario
@HusseinWario james white ‘demands’, ‘demands’ – give me a break. Who does he think he is for crying out loud?! 11:39 AM May 17th via web in reply to HusseinWario
(Note: 3 tweets in response to that. A much different picture than what you represented above, is it not?)
ugh. what.ever. 11:39 AM May 17th via web
(Probably also in response, but it isn’t tagged as a reply)
HusseinWario: @drpenn I just want Dr. James White to focus on the Dividing Line, not criticizing any Christians, just teach from the Word. That is all. 11:42 AM May 17th via web in reply to drpenn
drpenn: @HusseinWario wouldn’t we all like that – look @ his blog – he double-talks. he wants it to end – but keeps perpetuating it. #fail 11:46 AM May 17th via web in reply to HusseinWario
HusseinWario: @drpenn There is a comment you need to respond to at 5:31 PM May 17th via web in reply to drpenn
drpenn: @HusseinWario no really I don’t. :). I’m tired of their same old arguments. 5:42 PM May 17th via Echofon in reply to HusseinWario

Where’s the repentance? I did a search for “repent” on her full history from the 17th. These are the returns.

drpenn: @DSpratlin It’s in words like *demand* an apology. and *must* repent – his words reek of piety and self righteous smugness. 3:43 PM May 17th via web in reply to DSpratlin

drpenn: @DSpratlin ROTFLOL!! Are you SERIOUS?!! LOL!!! That is soooo pathetic. It’s Jimmie’s same old song…”REPENT!!”…..LOL. dude – really. 3:16 PM May 20th via web in reply to DSpratlin

RT DSpratlin @drpenn Oh no! Not repentance! We don’t need no stinkin’ repentance! God forbid people repent! That’s so unbiblical! 4:09 PM May 20th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to drpenn Retweeted by drpenn

RT DSpratlin @drpenn The unrepentant won’t be laughing. Neither will Caner when he gets his pink slip. Oh well. LBTS needs a real man as president. 4:18 PM May 20th via Twitter for iPhone in reply to drpenn Retweeted by drpenn

What about her site, you say?


How about in the next few days? (and I note that your comment was about “integrity”, not the comments about Dr. White’s family.)

In this post, dated May 20th, she says this:

“I think Peter, Tim, and I have spoken the truth about James White. I also think Hussein Wario has spoken the truth about James White.”


“That being said – I still *absolutely* stand behind my theory about *why* James White attacks Dr. Ergun Caner with such ferocity. James White’s accusations ring loudly of truth – and I do not believe they should be ignored. James White’s severe co-dependent behavior only adds fuel to the fire of the truth . It’s blatant and extremely obvious to me that James White has baggage.”

Does that look like repentance to you, Mr. Wario? It looks like repetition of the same sin to me. Oh, then there’s this:

drpenn: @DSpratlin 4:30 PM May 20th via web in reply to DSpratlin

Go ahead. Click.

drpenn: @DSpratlin you are just as big a liar as @droakley1689 I stand by my link – “chief”. about 24 hours ago via web in reply to DSpratlin (about 6:30pm CST)

drpenn: Well – I guess the followers of a tantrum thrower *would* be cry babies. That makes sense. about 24 hours ago via web

drpenn: Sorry about all that folks. I got sucked in. about 23 hours ago via web

drpenn: @cwray319 – those are his tweets to me yesterday. – so – I lost my “cool” – and sent the GI Jane link. about 2 hours ago via web

She did apologize in her post, which I grant – but is that where we go – at all – in Christian conversation?

Is that the “repentance” you meant? An apology is not repentance. It also wasn’t for posting the filth about Dr. White’s family.

Speaking of which…

And your second comment was devoid of any civility.

I’m sorry you feel that differentiating between arguments and the people themselves is devoid of civility. As I was taught, that was called “refraining from engaging in ad hominem.” I would respectfully ask you to consider the “civility” of her comments thus far – which is my principal problem with you thus far – allowing such behavior on your blog.

I’ll let whoever Googles your comments decide for themselves. By the way, there is no way I am going to allow a link that does not contribute to the discussion.

Yes, ad hominem SO greatly contributes, Hussein. Give me a break.

I’m telling you, what said must be true. Just look at James’ behavior!! His own behavior points to the truth of it. Until James White finds healing for all of that hurt – he will continue to hurt others. Fact.

Diana (drpenn on twitter)

Keep it up and people will really take you serious

If that is all the response you are able to muster, may I respectfully suggest, yet again, that you repent. I’m serious now, and I’ve been serious all along. You’re making an utter spectacle out of yourself by your behavior, and associating yourself with behavior like Diana’s is appallingly inconsistent, as well as just flat-out wrong.

Perhaps you’re not used to being challenged, sir, but you should be. Accountability is a serious, serious matter – and I hope you are subjecting yourself to someone for that purpose. I’m making an issue of this because your approach, frankly, is imbalanced to a large degree. If you’re going to make these sorts of claims around any other Christian, prepare to defend them. Further, if you are not yourself “above reproach”, your ministry will suffer, and the Gospel will be mocked. Which is what I have pointed out to you from the first. Please, stop this.

If you’d prefer to discuss privately from here on in, all of my contact info is up top. I’ll be DMing you a link to this post.

May God grant you wisdom,