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Where the heck have I been?

Creating a game.



It’s going to be a full conversion of the ships, weapons, and flight model from Tachyon: The Fringe, into the Open Source Freespace 2 engine. Currently, we have 14 ships, a dozen weapons, and quite a bit of the media content converted, and I’ll try to keep you posted on what I’m up to.

Sorry I haven’t touched base in a while. I’m still around, though 😀

It’s a girl!

Rebekah Luthien – 8 pounds, 15 ounces, 10:32am.

May not be back for a bit, but I should be able to post pictures tonight.

Pachelbel’s Canon

Just watch.


Updated WordPress Hashcash to version 3.0. Starting to have spam-comment problems, so I tried the newest version, seeing as I just upgraded to WP 2.0, and it may have had an effect.

If it keeps annoying me, I’ll go for other artillery in addition to Hashcash.

Just Surfing…

and found something that made me stop dead in my tracks.

Answer honestly: Have you read your Bible today? If your answer is “no” please hit the X in the upper right hand corner and go read it. The Holy Spirit inspired a whole lot better stuff than is rolling around in my mind tonight.

I did last night, actually. I usually read just before I go to bed. I won’t forget tonight though. I love reading things like that. It does my heart good to see it.

Interesting Searches

Is it moral to lie? – No. Next?

Do I really love my boyfriend quiz – if you have to take a quiz to find out… no.

How to tell your boyfriend it’s over – Must have failed the quiz.

Not to mention the ten trillion searches containing the word “kiss” – for obvious reasons.

Just a note before bed

I know, I posted on how much I need to stop tweaking, yesterday. I didn’t tweak a thing tonight.

I did, however, get something neat out of that spree. I usually manage to do something semi-productive, despite my anal-retentiveness.

I came up with a logo for my obsession hobby.

Yes, they are

Yes, those are my instant messenger addresses, on your left. Right under the contact/nav bar. Feel free to say hi.

WordPress 2+

WordPress 2 works great, and is full of cool features – unfortunately, they’re mostly admin-side, so you won’t see them! Unless you upgrade for yourself!

WordPress 2

Updated to WordPress 2 on both this site, and Bethany’s.

Since then:

1. Restyled my admin menu! (look for wp-admin.css in your wp-admin folder) Not done, but here’s a screenie.

2. If you actually know anything about html, or doing your own posts… turn the stupid wysiwyg editor off. Options->Writing->Formatting->”Users should use the visual rich editor by default” – UNcheck. (Or… look at the screenshot above – that menu is displayed :D)

It stinks. Badly. Unless you really, really don’t know how to read simple javascript quicktags… it’s frightfully bad. Try it, if you don’t believe me.. but trust me.. it’s better to do it by hand. Even Bethany did, and she’s practically brand new at html. That’s how bad it was 😀

3. It fixed the recurring rss issues I was having with Bethany’s site.

It’s pretty cool. Visually, it’s a lot nicer. It’s more fun to play with. It’s more handy, with everything more “at your fingertips”. The “enable wysiwyg by default” crap really, really annoyed me, though.

Oh well. It’s pretty cool, anyways. By the by… unless you are really hacked up? Don’t bother to deactivate plugins, as long as you’ve made a backup of BOTH your files and database – and know how to restore a database. I didn’t have any problems… but if something goes wrong? You just lost EVERYTHING. Period. Don’t mess with stuff… unless you know how to put it back just like it was, that is 😀

WordPress 2 is good. Upgrade. I was late, but I had just a few projects on the burner.

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