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Latest Posts has been updated, and now uses Feed Digest. Want the code? It’s here.

Tech Monkey

Ok, I admit it. I am.

I added 3-5 useless/semi-useful plugins today, fixed a couple annoyances, and figured out why my email wasn’t working. I think.

Hearken: The plugins list can be found at bottom right, under “technology” – where I am testing all of my other new plugins, too.

You can quote comments, now.

You can see recent comments.

You can see recent trackbacks.

You can see a list of most frequent commenters. Catez is in the lead 😀

You can even see where *I* am commenting, elsewhere in the blogosphere.

Lots of neato stuff like that.

Then, of course, there is the ever-uber WP-Hashcash and Polite-ifier (which keeps this blog spam-free and profanity free, respectively), Comment Quicktags, Related Posts, and etc, etc.

I use plenty of java, as I’m sure you’ve seen, and I use several other custom addons.

I’d pull a StrongBad, and tell you to “follow along, with my simple step-by-step instructions”… but, alas, I really don’t make blogging fun.

So, until next time… yeah. I suppose I’ll actually post something meaty and non-fluffy – but, alas… all I’m doing is fiddling with my site interminably – and that’s not very interesting for anyone but ubernerds. So, in fact, I really didn’t do, or think, about anything non-nerdy. Which makes me an uber-nerd, I suppose. Although I have a really cool collection of Strongbad clips that I just listened to, to try and find an appropriate one to end this post with.

I had fun listening, but didn’t find one. I should rip some more clips from “Trogdor”…


As you may have seen, I’m doing something different. I’ll probably start doing a Daily Cut once a week, or more infrequently. I’ve added a mini-blog to the top right, so you can see what I find interesting right now, at a glance, instead of trying to fight and do a large post every day.

Also, I’ll start adding some new features, and likely upgrade to WordPress 2.0 in the near future.

I’ve revamped the look of the apologetics section at the top right as well; I’ve delineated the subject areas more cleanly, rearranged the aggregator buttons, pointed out the “Latest Post” feature (you really should use that… it shows the most recent posts from the Aggregator, if you click the button. It utilizes javascript, and opens it right here.), and I’m looking into some other features which (I hope), will save me, and you, some time.

Yes, I am an inveterate tweaker. This site has *always* got something changing about it. Expect it. I may, also, release this theme and the theme I use on Bethany’s site, to the public, once I clean them both up. Eventually. I have two more projects in the works, from the design aspect, and I’ll introduce them to you once they’re finished. One is a (concept) site for my church, and the other is a website for my immediate family members. They should be fun…

Now, if I only had 20 more hours in a day!

I may – may – add a list of all the neat plugins I use on this site. I have quite a few. This is a very custom setup, thus the constant tweaking.

Today’s burning questions:

1. Any requests for features/functionality?
2. Any problems with the blog functionality or theme?

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