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This is video from last year’s Arabic Festival. It’s rather stunning.

I’m posting this because this year, David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi have been arrested at the Arabic Festival. I don’t have any more details at this time, but please pray for these brothers. David is scheduled to debate twice tomorrow at the same venue as Dr. White is debating Sunday and Monday. Please pray for them, and for the debates this weekend. More info can be found here.

#pros blogroll update

Now up to version 2.1!

Added: Deliver Detroit blog, from Detroit Jam

Rearranged some of the links to put the more frequent posters towards the front.

Constitutional Update

Just in case anyone was wondering, the church voted last night to adopt our new constitution by a 3-to-1 margin!

We have a name!

The baby’s name will officially be Rebekah Luthien. I like it. Bonus points to anyone who identifies the origin of the middle name.


Added Akismet to my spam-fighting software – even Hashcash alone can’t keep up with the bots now, as they’re getting me with “insurance” related comments – sorry, Elliott! I still love Hashcash, though – it gets *almost* everything 😀

Database Issues

The server my mysql database is hosted on is having/had some problems, and may be down, off and on – so, that’s why any site outages happened/will happen.


How do we like the new layout? I know, I know… I change it all the time. This is even more than usual though, I think. I moved practically *everything*. What do you think?


Latest Posts has been updated, and now uses Feed Digest. Want the code? It’s here.

Quick Note

Latest Posts is not working – RSS Digest has been deprecated, and has been upgraded to Feed Digest – thus, the old feed is no longer working – I’ll have to revamp it tomorrow. We had my brother and his wife over tonight, so no blogging…

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