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The Daily Cut

(Tuesday Edition)


Vox Apologia VII has a welcome post up already! Ed Heckman is way, way on top of things. Good job!

The subject is β€œEvolution vs. Creation: So What?”

Entries can be sent to his – So get writing!

NOTE: Vox Apologia now has a newsletter for updates and reminders.

Click here to subscribe!


Give a big welcome to Amy’s Humble Musings. Was wondering when they’d sign up πŸ˜€

The Minor Prophet posts “Your life is no mistake“. They also hope to further discuss the Vox Apologia topic for this week.

AllThings2All posts “Will you help to wash Terri’s Feet?

Every Thought Captive posts “Creating a Culture of Death?

Personal note: I find it absolutely sickening that the suicide of Hunter Thompson is being commented on more than any story right now, (time sensitive link) when Terri is fighting for her life – which is being taken from her. I’m well and truly sick.

Congratulate Alex. Read this, and find out why πŸ˜€

21st Century Reformation posts Free to Feed, part 5.

blogma answers: “Who were the sons of God?

off shore fisherman has a praise, and an explanation.

Wittingshire: Being Yourself. Good post.

Ryan has no time… I know the feeling.

Eric has a stalker. So, if you know anything about the legal implications – go talk to him.

Funky posts: The Posting Heard Round the World. Go check it out. It’s why Funky’s my favorite Catholic πŸ˜€

Alpha and Omega posts on The Blessedness of Blindness? Interesting.


DarkSyd is still on a rampage about Joe. A taste:

I did think it was a little odd though … as far I could tell if I remember right, and I did ask him a couple of times, Joe never went to actually fight in the war he so loved. A couple of times he said something to the effect that ‘others had asked if they could go for him so that they could get the extra combat pay” or something like that, if I recall correctly (See, Joe was doing them a favor by letting them get shot at, and blown to bloody pieces, instead of himself).

Anyway, as the Marines rotated through their forces, and I suspect that Joe realized he was on the verge of possibly being, you know, actually sent into combat, he suddenly had an incredibly well timed mid-life crises of some kind, and was no longer sure the “Marines were the right place to be’. Isn’t that a coinkidink?

What a class act…

The Daily Cut

Vox Apologia VI is up at Every Thought Captive.

I’m not exactly an expert on Biotechnology – and I don’t want to write something half-cocked. So, I didn’t.



Challies, with Delighting in the Lord’s Day.

Random thoughts from 21st Century Reformation.

Funky directs us to a post on a favorite blog of mine, The Boar’s Head Tavern.

Imago Dei asks: “Are Human rights best grounded by theism or humanism?

Alpha and Omega studies the Quran vs Scripture.

The Daily Cut

(Weekend Edition)


Wittingshire to the Aggregator. Read their most recent post. It’s a good ‘un. Welcome, Jonathan and Amanda! I hope you enjoy the dialogues!


Don’t Forget! Vox Apologia VI is accepting entries. The subject is “Christian Thought in the Biotech Century.” Phil has further thoughts on it here.

Wittenberg Gate is blogging for Terri Schiavo.

Blog of the Week:

AllThings2All, as penned by Catez. This blog is very insightful – consistently so. With an excellent take on the philosophical, biblical, and spiritual implications of everyday actions, she skewers many of our deeply held (wrongly so) convictions – on a well-nigh daily basis. So.. stop on by, and see what the buzz is about.


I’m still in my series about Francis Schaeffer’s The Great Evangelical Disaster. My latest installment is “The Wisdom of the World.” I have a very good reason for doing this series. It is a clarion call for those with a bent towards “offensive-style” apologetics to wake up. There are plenty who provide the defensive, “marshalled arguments defending Christianity”. What I’m bent towards is an apologetic which directly attacks those worldviews, supposed truths, and antithetical ideologies which stand in opposition to that of the Christian. So – if you’re a like-minded type – watch for a new section in “The Daily Cut” – as well as semi-regular post pointing out various bloggers who are attacking the tenets of Christianity, with a short bit of commentary. Anyway.. back to the Cut.

Me – “Screwtaping the Inscrutable“, and “Equipping vs. Fighting: A Soldier’s Perspective“.

Andrew, from Weapons of Warfare, is on a week’s hiatus. *sniff*

Funky posts “Mirror of Sin, at Ales Rarus. Interesting post.

James White comments on forgiveness – and Stossel. Good post.

Counter Cult takes on the LDS. Very, very, very good treatment of the Mormon worldview. I suggest you read it.

The Minor Prophet posts some thoughts on their library. (which, actually, is pretty cool) I also had an email exchange with Chad last night. He was curious whether me likening them to IP/HH in the last Daily Cut was entirely complimentary or not. It was. It’s just a matter of their style of blogging – they post a lot of short entries, rather than only a couple large ones. It’s just a matter of style.

Other good posts:

The Myth of Secularism, from AcidInk.
(H/T: Amy)


Science and Politics takes a dig at apologetics. I answer the dig here. (Keep in mind – this IS the host of the 3rd Carnival of the Godless.) The post is actually an exceedingly good exhaustive roundup of all the Carnivals in the blogosphere, though.

A Quote:

“As an atheist I sometimes feel like an astronaut on an alien planet, surrounded by creatures with strange customs and beliefs. There the theist is–perfectly human in a biological sense–but psychologically alien. Given that atheists are in a tiny minority, given that theism is normal on this planet, it is atheists who should see themselves as the aliens. Instead of demonizing the theist, the atheist needs to think like a character in a realistic science-fiction novel: the atheist needs to stretch her mind to appreciate the theist’s alien thought-patterns.” – Philip Kuchar, Aliens and Demonization

That parallels my exhortation in this post to learn how the “other side” thinks. Interesting.


The Carnival of the Godless #4 is up at Philosophy, Etc. Engage.

Got something else for me?

Send it. This post will be up, and updated, all weekend. So… send it on.

The Daily Cut

(Thursday Edition)


Phil Steiger, of Every Thought Captive, is hosting Vox Apologia VI this week. The topic is “Christian Thought in the Biotech Century.”

Send your entry to this address.

Subject is included in the email link.


Rey wants some input. He’s also afraid – very afraid – of Rebecca’s birdshot.

Phil is discussing The Emergent Church, Apologetics and Stanley Grenz – as well as collecting “Op-Ed Piece and Responses” concerning “Intelligent Design in the Public Square”.

Dory is hosting the Christian Carnival, along with Sharing Spirit (the intended hostess – a bit of a mixup, it seems).

Dory is also spearheading Blogging for Terri Schiavo”. My suggestion? Make your entry for the Vox Apologia a double-whammy – blog on Terri, and bioethics at the same time, where possible – they dovetail quite nicely.

Alex posts an Open Letter to Seminary Students.

Brad posts parts 3 and 4 of his story.

Catez covers The Qu’ran: Plagiarism of the Bible and Omissions.

For further discussion, see Andrew’s post: Surah 1: Al Fatihah (The Opening).

Also, Andrew has posted on Why Antithesis?, and The Keen Eyes of Kierkegaard.

off shore fisherman brings us Spirit Realm. I really encourage you to make this blog a daily read. He has some great, great insights – in a form reminiscent of the pithiness and brevity of Proverbs. I like his blog a lot.

Eric starts a Fundamental blogroll.

Visit blogma’s new blog design/url – as designed by another AA member – the one and only Tim Challies! (who, by the way, has a cool post entitled “Inherited Sin“, from his “Feedback Files”.)

And, well.. just read everything on the front page from James White’s Alpha and Omega. I mean, when I want to link every single post, for one reason or another… may as well just link the blog!

The Minor Prophet is the same deal today – but for a different reason. He’s almost an instapundit/hewitt-type of blogger – which means a lot more, shorter posts – which means a TON of links, if I tried to link everything. So, just go read it. I find it hard to do a roundup on the shorter-post-type blogs, if they are prolific in number of posts-per-day πŸ˜€

Remember – if you have something you think would be interesting to apologists, or should be brought to our attention – please, email me here.

The next post in my Schaeffer series should be done tommorow. It ended up a bit longer than I planned – but I don’t see where exactly I can cut it! So, it’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.

Also – I plan on implementing some new ideas this weekend.

1. A “weekly challenge”. I will find, or take email submissions for, a challenge per week from an atheist or agnostic. That will be listed in the apologetics section up and to your right – but, maybe, in the “sidecut” area. I haven’t decided. I also need to set up an email reminder list for the Vox Apologia, and get a more timely and efficient system to annouce/plan it. I’m not doing it correctly, and I need to get that straightened out.

2. A section to somehow highlight “ways to engage the atheistic/agonostic bloggers, and create dialogue”. We need to do this, folks. I’m going to keep exhorting you toward this – because I really feel we have a calling to engage our equivalents in the “non-theism” blogosphere. I’ve said it before – we need to be actively engaging in the battle. Writing battle plans is a very good thing – but we can’t all be writing the plans, or creating the strategies. We have to be soldiers, on the front lines – you know?

The Daily Cut

(Tuesday Edition)


I just called out DarkSyde, of UTI out, due to his comments at Evangelical Outpost. I hope he stops by.

If he does, and if he does as I told him – bring friends – I’d appreciate your help in answering.

It’s what we do, after all.


Every Thought Captive begins a series on The Knowledge Argument.

Tim is homesick for hymns.

The HAT reminds us that God is not Absent. And, He also claims, with understandable pride, that his son is the most wonderful 2 year old in thw world. I have a daughter – and she just turned 1 – so I won’t argue.

Eric posts his story – and he is seeking additional contributors .

Dory (the new Christian Carnival primary host) informs us of possible complications with the next CC host.

Andrew is in need of prayer. He also gives my recent post a flog.

off shore fisherman tells us about armor bearers. Hrmm.. I’m thinking “tie-in”, for some reason… I can’t imagine why.

Funky compares Catholic and Arminian soteriologies.

Bible Archive is blogging away on Elijah, still. His latest is “The Pronouncement.” Luff 4 Elijah.

Jeff is going to Jamaica…

Imago Dei takes on Pharyngula, in Pharyngeal Phantasies. Excellent post.

Alpha and Omega gets robbed… and posts part VI of their “The Catholic Verses” series.

Jeff Downs has an ideal job description. I want that job too. Unlike me.. he’s actually qualified πŸ˜€

There you go.. the Daily Cut… in 5.75 minutes. How bout dem apples?


Eternal Perspectives is hosting a symposium on Neil Anderson.

Just as an aside: Please, do email me things you want to put on the Daily Cut. I may not post all of them – or they may be a day or two later, because I’m busy – but if you are in the Aggregator, especially (and I didn’t hit your post for some reason), or if you are not, but found something that is either a good announcement or something apologists would go for – please – email me.


P.S. – I’m going to Waffle House again – to drink lots of coffee, and to do the prep for the next installment of my Schaeffer series. That was where I did all the prep for that series, and wrote the entire study notes (sans crosswalk references) for my last post πŸ˜€ (Except for a short stint at Pizza Hut… hehe. Yes, I’m commenting about you on my blog… bwahaha.)

The Daily Cut



Vox Apologia V is up!

(Sorry It’s so late – I was stupidly busy at work.)


Catez has two rockin posts: Cognitive Dissonance and the Call of Conscience, and The People Who Sat in Great Darkness.

I feel so… pwnt? Seriously… go read them. Like, now. This is getting to be a common theme, by the by. Why haven’t her blog been my blog of the week yet? Probably because I’m dumb πŸ˜€

Weapons of Warfare burninates Islam. (w00t! I worked in a trogdor link!)

Funky gets a Warnie!

Around the ‘Sphere:

Michael Russell, from Eternal Perspectives, took up Adrian’s challenge and created a Theology Aggregator.

He says:

Adrian had two great ideas: the first was to set up a theology aggregator; the second was to have someone else do it. That’s where I came in.

It’s up now at Blogdigger. It’s called “Theology Blogs” (clever, eh?); subtitle, Expository, Exegetical, Practical: Resources for Serious Christ-Followers.

Adrian also recommended some qualifications for contributors:

1. An earned doctorate in theological studies;
2. Active involvement in vocational ministry.

To which I added:

3. Anybody I deem worthy.

If, for some reason, you don’t want to be included, let me know and I’ll eliminate you; if you’d like to be considered, let me know – I couldn’t find personal information on all of you, so I’ve probably overlooked more than a few. Or if you would like to recommend someone else, let me know about that, too.

(His clarification in a second email: any one of the three would qualify you.

Good stuff!

The Daily Cut

(Special Edition)
Don’t get mad at me…

But I’m not going to enter anything for this week’s Vox Apologia. I know, I know.. I’m a hopeless infidel. But… I’m deep into this study of Ephesians 6, and the next entry for my Schaeffer series.. and I don’t want to leave them!

Don’t forget:

Wittenberg Gate is hosting the next Vox Apologia. The subject is “Three Governments: Family, Church and State”.

Send your entries here.

Entries due by midnight on Sunday.

Dost thou Dialogue?

The Carnival of the Godless #3 is up at Science and Politics.

The Daily Cut

(Friday Edition)


Wittenberg Gate is hosting the next Vox Apologia. The subject is “Three Governments: Family, Church and State”.

Send your entries here.


Brad tells us a bit about himself – here, and here.

Funky and Adrian disagree a tad. Resolution likely.. details at 11!

Challies gets frivolous. Dag, yo.

Revenge of Mr. Dumpling had a dream.

Minor Prophet has like, 5 posts.

Every Thought Captive talks about the Pope, and death.

Go Read:

These two posts from Mari and Joshua Davey at letters from bablyon.

If you’re a student, or aspiring student of God’s Word – you will be edified, most righteously. I mean that in both the “cool”, and literal meanings.

(See… I do have a bunch of these blogs on my blogroll for a reason. See the heading “Extremely Sharp”? That means I think they really, really rock. K? Now, for a dumb question – does anyone want me to do a rundown of how I have my voluminous blogroll categorized? I’m bored…)

Incidentally… letters from babylon gets my “blog of the week” for this. Rock on.

P.S. – My suggestion? Add them to your blogroll.

The Daily Cut

(Thursday Edition)


James White covers J.P. Holding.

He also posts part V of his “The Catholic Verses”.

The Minor Prophet posts about 50 billion trillion things. So just read him πŸ˜€

Adrian encourages us to tell our own story, after he and Jollyblogger have spent some time telling theirs of late.

Imago Dei takes on David Vellman’s argument for a first trimester abortion “compromise”.

Catez is Anne of Green Gables. I won’t ever admit that I ever read those books. Ever.

Read this post from her too. It’s good.

blogma asks – Can God die?

Wittenberg Gate remeinds us not to fall for the bait and switch.

Is Counter-cult apologetics a neglected mission field? Counter-Cult weighs in.

offshore fisherman – speaking in other tongues? Edify yo-self foo’!

Tuesday (Mardi Gras?) Edition

Yes, it’s Mardi Gras time here. I hate it. I hate the hedonism, I hate the excessive drinking, I hate the immorality, and I hate the general attitude about it.

But, let’s move on.

James White, at Pros Apologian/Alpha and Omega has a couple good ones. A Letter to A Hyper Calvinist, and an explanation of Why No comments?.

James, by the way, is the winner of “Best Overall Evangelical Blog”, as well as the “People’s Choice Award” at Evangelical Underground’s Blog Awards.

Weapons of Warfare is also discussing James.

Wittenberg Gate is talking about Terri Schiavo. I’m glad she reminded us about her.

As you may have noticed, I have a strip across the top right. This is where I got it.

Evangelical Underground has an interview with one of his blogs of the month – Amy’s Humble Musings.

Imago Dei contrasts parental authority over piercings with their authority over abortion.. devastating.

Oh, and they’re also talking about Chess and the Christian.

Every Thought Captive covers outdated ideas… and Bishop Spong. You can imagine.

Bible Archive: The Simple and Glorious Gospel of God. The title says it all. Read.

off shore fisherman discusses pornography. Very wise fisherman. (and, my google hits just went through the roof… won’t they be surprised coming here :D)

Weapons of Warfare – Thou Shalt not Kill?

Ales Rarus covers Hyssop. And stuff.

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